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Asylum Alert System aims to help asylum seekers (mainly dissidents from mainland China) better understand the risk or threat to personal safety in seeking asylum in countries that are the more popular destinations for asylum seekers. When there are signs of threat in a place that may affect the personal safety of asylum seekers, the Security Section will assess and consider the need to issue an Asylum Alert taking into account factors such as the nature, level and duration of the threat.

Update: AAS has raised a Black Alert to Thailand, since five Chinese dissidents include UNHCR protected refugees have been deported to the Communist Chinese regime upon theirs request. Chinese asylum seekers and refugees facing highest risk in Thailand.

Asylum Alert currently in force:

Severe threat
Avoid entry under any circumstances



Significant threat
Avoid non-essential entry
Adjust stay plans

Signs of threat
Monitor situation
Exercise caution




Hong Kong




Supplementary information


Ongoing persecution against the dissidents occurs frequently all over the territory. Dissidents who enter China will face extremely high risk of arrest, disappearance, detention, restricting of exit etc., up to life imprisonment or death (include formal or abnormal). Dissidents in China who need assistance may contact the security section of Cathay Glory Association at email: sos@cathayglory or phone: (+852) 3957 1999. Please note that the assistance may be extremely limited since Cathay Glory Association has a near total severing of relations with China and has no divisions or offices in its territory.



A major UNHCR office is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Certificate are issued to asylum seekers and refugees. However, since Thailand is not a signatory of refugee convention, Thailand does not have keen sense of responsibility to protect refugees, as well as asylum seekers. From 2015, multiple Chinese refugee or asylum seekers were arrested by the Thailand government and sent/about to be deported to the Chinese regime. Dissidents are urged to avoid entry to the country, anyone who already entered should consider to exit the country, especially avoid overstay even being protected by the United Nations. Dissidents in Thailand who need assistance may contact the security section of Cathay Glory Association at email: sos@cathayglory or phone: (+852) 3957 1999.

On November 2015, five Chinese dissidents, include at least two who were granted refugee status by the UNHCR, were deported to the Chinese government. Those refugees were arrested by the Communist Chinese goverment and facing serious persecution.

On October 2015, two Chinese dissidents who were granted refugee status by the UNHCR, were arrested by the Thailand police by overstay. Thailand government asserts that they will deport these Chinese refugees to Chinese government, regardless of theirs UN refugee status and the persecution up to death they are facing. It is believed that the arrest and deportation is claimed by the Chinese regime.

On June 2015, over 100 Uyghur asylum seekers were deported to China by Chinese regime’s claim.


We will absolutely never negotiating with CCP regime under any circumstances, and will absolutely never abandon the sacred mission of the pro-democracy movement and the appeal of human rights. This position will absolutely never change.

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